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Ticket inspections

Here you will find information on our fines and what to do if you wish to file a complaint about a ticket inspection or appeal a fine.


All our customers are solely responsible for carrying a valid ticket. Passengers who fail to produce a valid ticket during an inspection will receive a fine. The amount of the fine is determined by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Adults over 18 years

NOK 1470, or NOK 1200 if paid on the spot.

Children and young persons under 18 years

NOK 1200 regardless of method of payment.


NOK 2600, and the ticket will be confiscated.


Do you want to appeal a fine you have been given or provide feedback on a ticket inspection? All complaints about ticket inspections and appeals on fines must be in writing. We do not process complaints in person.

You may also send the complaint or appeal by post. Remember to supply us with:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your email address
  • Information about why you wish to file a complaint or appeal
  • Number on the fine you received (7 or 8 digits)
  • Receipt (if you paid on the spot)

Send the complaint or appeal to:

Ruters kundesenter Postboks 1030 Sentrum 0104 Oslo

Did you travel with Vy? See


The ticket inspectors carry payment terminals that allow you to pay using a payment card. If you are unable to pay on the spot or wish to pay later, you will receive a paper invoice with payment information. The payment deadline is 14 days.

Did you lose the invoice? Call us at 177 for assistance.

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