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Ruter’s conditions of travel

Passengers who travel and purchase a ticket/download travel credits enter into a travel agreement with Ruter that entitles them to transportation with companies that provide transport on contract with Ruter, or on lines where Ruter collaborates with another company.

The conditions of travel apply to everyone within Ruter's areas of transport services. Ruter means Ruter AS and partner companies that provide transport services on contract for Ruter. Ruter's areas include, among others: Underground stations and on board the means of transport itself. Please note that other conditions of travel apply for Vy and operators that are not providing transport for Ruter.

Ruter's travel conditions comprise this document and the following appendix:

  1. Ruter's Travel guarantee
  2. Replacement and reimbursement for Travelcard and tickets
  3. Detailed specification of rules regarding wheelchairs, prams and wheeled devices in public transport

Ruter's conditions of travel were approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications on 1 July 2020 pursuant to Section 33 of the Norwegian Professional Transport Act, cf. Sections 7 and 7a of the Norwegian Railways Act. The appendix is not subject to approval of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. They are included here for purposes of comparison and are part of Ruter's commercial terms.

Content in Ruter's conditions of travel