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The travelcard is a plastic card you top up with tickets or pay-as-you-go credit. Here you will find more information on how the travelcard works.

How to buy a travelcard

You can buy a new travel card in most kiosks, at our customer service centre Ruter S and service points. A new travelcard costs NOK 50. Take good care of your card. It can be reused. We do not refund the travelcard.

How to use the travel card

Travelcard with ticket

You can have all of our different tickets on your travelcard. Validate the travelcard using a card reader the first time you travel to ensure that the ticket is activated and valid. This also applies to the disposable Impuls card.

Note that if you have a new ticket on the card "on hold", it will not be activated as long as there is time remaining on the old ticket. Always check the expiry date and time for the old ticket, and activate the new ticket accordingly. If you validate the card on each journey, you are always sure that you have a valid ticket.

Tickets and prices

Travelcard with pay-as-you-go credit

Validate your travelcard at a card reader every time you travel, and the price for one journey will automatically be deducted from your pay-as-you-go credit.


Discounts on your travelcard

You can get discounted single tickets with our new solution Reis. If you use a travelcard with pay-as-you-go credit, we recommend activating Reis where you top up your travelcard.

Single tickets with a discount

Register your travelcard

All travelcards are initially unregistered, so that you may travel anonymously. However, this means that we are unable to assist you should you lose your travelcard. This entails that the tickets or pay-as-you-go credit on the card will be lost. The exception is if you can produce a receipt with a card number, in addition to a bank statement from your own account.

On the other hand, if you register your card, we can assist you if you are unfortunate.

Benefits of registering the travelcard

  • Have the contents of the card you have lost, transferred to a new travelcard
  • Gain access to MinSide where you can see the contents of your travel card or disable it
  • Enable automatic renewal of 30-day tickets or automatic top up of pay-as-you-go credit

MinSide and the page for registration of the travelcard are only available in Norwegian.

Transfer tickets or pay-as-you-go credit to a new card

Automatic renewal of the 30-day ticket

Automatic topping up of pay-as-you-go credit

Travelcards and privacy