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The Ruter app

Plan your journey and buy a ticket in the same app.

Download the Ruter app

For iPhone
For Android

You can buy valid tickets from Ruter in the official Ruter app as well as the RuterBillett, Vy, Brakar and Entur apps only.

How to use the app

With the Ruter app, you can plan your journey, buy tickets and set up a personal profile when travelling with us. You can also:

  • Get a discount on single tickets with Reis
  • See departures in real time
  • Save destinations you often travel to or from
  • Filter on transport modes
  • Get relevant service disruption information
  • Get accessibility information for some bus and tram stops
  • Buy tickets for other phones
  • Find the nearest available city bike
  • Get journey suggestions for cycling and walking

Set up a personal RuterProfil

Payment methods

You can pay with:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Vipps
  • Apple Pay

We are working on adding more payment methods.

Good to know

The app is a work in progress. This is just the beginning, and together we'll make it better in the time to come. The app has most of the features you know and need, but there are a couple of things you should know before downloading:

  • You can't transfer tickets from the RuterBillett app to the Ruter app.
  • You can still travel without setting up a personal profile. However – with a profile you will have access to additional features such as previews of capacity on board the vehicle.

Personal data protection

Terms and conditions for use of the Ruter app

Privacy statement for the Ruter app

Consent to RuterProfil

Privacy statement for RuterProfil